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Mercedes Benz Service Reset and Diagnostics

Mile Magic uses the DAS STAR Diagnosis Assistance System, which is the dealership diagnostic tool for Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000. This equipment offers total diagnostic coverage of all engine, chassis and body modules.

  • Reading and re-setting of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)
  • Real-time reading of dynamic data
  • Full component activation clearing and re-setting of adaptation values
  • Coding of all engine, chassis, body and instrumentation modules
  • Key configuration
  • Procedure for fitting Mercedes-Benz accessories through the D2B ring and MOST bus
  • Total ASSYST/ASSYST+ control (Active Service System) to update on board service history

What cars can Mile Magic work on?

  • All Benz cars
  • Autobus
  • Trucks
  • Saloon Cars
  • Sports Cars
  • Smart Cars

What Mercedes car systems can Mile Magic work on?

  • Service Reset
  • Engine
  • Auto-Speed
  • Air Conditional System
  • SRS
  • ABS
  • ASR
  • MPL
  • GM
  • Benz Original Anti-Theft DASX System
  • Keyless Entering System
  • OBD-II System

Can Mile Magic really turn off my airbag light?

Yes! Not only can Mile Magic’s system turn off the airbag light but we can also tell you why it is on in the first place.

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