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VAG Group Service Reset and Diagnostics

What vehicles can Mile Magic work on?

  • Mile Magic uses VAG dealership level diagnostic equipment
  • VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda cars with the 16-pin diagnostic socket (i.e. almost all from 1995-2007+) that includes the 2003 and newer VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models with the new CAN interface
  • Pre-1995 VW/Audi cars

Using our equipment, Mile Magic can:

  • Read and clear fault codes from all systems within the car, e.g. engine, airbag
  • ABS, instruments, parking sensors etc.
  • View live data from the sensors within the car
  • Reset service lights (both fixed and variable service intervals)
  • Read stored and intermittent fault codes
  • Graph and log live data with the car running
  • Automatically read fault codes from all car systems in a single search

Can Mile Magic really turn off my airbag light?

Yes! Not only can Mile Magic’s system turn off the airbag light but we can also tell you why it is on in the first place.

Please click on your choice of car manufacturer from the logos below for further details:

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