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Digital Mileage Correction

Why Choose Mile Magic For Digital Mileage Correction

It is important to remember that with today's advanced automotive technology, you cannot just simply turn the clock back. Most vehicles are fitted as standard, with the most advanced digital mileage technology available, regardless of the manufacturer or model. This means that hidden sensors and computerised calibration circuitry are hidden throughout your car.

If you only adjust your mileage on the main computerised mileage recorder, there may be discrepancies with other sensors and this can lead to problems with your warranty or when you sell your car or for insurance purposes.

Therefore, when Mile Magic correct your cars mileage, we ensure that all of the critical mileage information that is recorded by your onboard computer is correct.

Some of our competitors use alternative, less effective methods, which wipes all the information from the memory chip including chassis/VIN numbers. Our Digital Mileage Correction method leaves this information intact.

Guaranteed Quality Digital Mileage Adjustment Service

All of our adjustment & calibration work is guaranteed for clusters that are in full working order before we commence work on them and most importantly the process cannot be traced.

We have invested in the latest mileage correction equipment, which means you can be safe in the knowledge that the job will be done correctly.

Why Choose Mile Magic